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Latest News

2020 Review

What a year, it’s been up and down for us at Loconomics. We hope you have managed to make it through to 2021. Here are our highlights of the year that took us all by surprise!

COVID response

We worked with our partners and gig workers to advocate for taskers on the Airtasker platform. We are happy to announce that we were successful in working with Airtasker to freeze the taskers ratings in order to alleviate the pressure on people during the Melbourne lock-down.

Open Letter

Platform coops now!

We took part in the Platform Coops Now! course ran by the New School and Mondragon University. This was an amazing opportunity for us to spend some time with experts in the field and work on our business model. We also met lots of amazing people doing amazing things and got some great ideas for the future of Loconomics and the platform coop movement in general.

Platform Coops Now!

Curbside Carnies Auspicing

We had the opportunity to to support this amazing group of performers to get funding from the Inner North Foundation to bring some fun and entertainment to people.

Curbside Carnies

Earthworker Cooperative Education

We took part in Earthworker Cooperative’s “Starting a Worker Owned Cooperative”. This was an inspiring course that taught how to create your own cooperative, step-by-step. So much material was presented by the Earthworker team!

Starting a Worker Owned Cooperative

Grant Applications

Last but not least, we have been busy applying for grants to start a pilot of the Loconomics platform here in Australia, and thanks to Darebin council we have been funded to do just that! Between now and June we will be working on the platform, chatting to local gig workers and neighbourhood houses and more. Watch this space!

Proudly supported by the Darebin City Council’s Community Grants Program

Darebin Council