Our Misson

Not For Profit promoting North Melbourne service providers in the gig economy

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Our Misson

To enable gig economy workers to connect to their communities, make decisions together and for the community to thrive

Darebin residents are among those who have found themselves unemployed and without access to Government benefits. Many have no option but to look to insecure work on commercial gig economy platforms where they under-price their work to secure the jobs, and pay high commissions to the platform. They have no control over the platform that they use. Loconomics’ platform and Not For Profit status provides the opportunity to protect workers, put the workers back in control, enable them to find work and receive correct remuneration for their work. It also empowers workers to self-organise and support each other. Locononmics will be an important model for enabling gig workers to gain work post COVID-19, and sustainably into the future.

Asylum seekers, refugees and international students have received none or very little government support during COVID-19. Our aim during the project is to reach out to these groups and provide an opportunity to own a platform that doesn’t extract excessive commissions for their work. Low income earners are currently charged upto 20% on other platforms. With Loconomics workers control what the platform charges. Any profits will be kept in the community as Loconomics is a Not For Profit organisiation.

Through our connections with Neighbourhood Houses, we listen to the aspirations and views of the people of Darebin, especially those whose voices might be less often heard, and enabling people to make decisions on how the Loconomics platform and the gig economy works for them. Loconomics will connect with the priority groups through Facebook and community networks.